Monitoring specific keywords

Instead of (or in addition to) selecting a HTTP status code as your monitor rule, you can also observe if a website or service contains or does not contain a specific keyword.

Say, you have a web page that returns information on a specific product and you want to monitor that the phrase "is available in stock" is present. You could set up your rule as follows:

Monitoring an item is in stock

The monitor would appear as Down once the phrase is not present on the page anymore.

Identifying keywords on a web page

When monitoring the presence or absence of one or more words on a page or for an API result, make sure that you are checking the string as it appears in the raw HTML/text document and not as it is rendered by your browser.

Please also note that the bot will not execute any JavaScript when checking a page.

If you have trouble locating a string on a web page you want to check, use the View Source option or the Network tab of your browser's Inspect function. As a last resort, always feel free to contact support.

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