Net Monitors

What are net monitors and when are they useful?

Net monitors actively check the status of your websites and network services in regular intervals.

Common use cases are:

  • Monitor the uptime of a website or web service/API by checking the return status or specific keywords
    • Example:
      You want to ensure that you are the first to know when your company website or online shop goes down
  • Check if a website or service returns the data you are expecting
    • Example 1:
      You have a web service and want to make sure a specific URL/endpoint always returns data X. If you are a developer, think of it as an assertion for a specific route.
    • Example 2:
      You want to observe pricing information, available updates or other attributes on a website and get notified when they change
  • Getting a notification when you accidentally let your SSL certificates expire or a reminder when it is about to expire
  • Ensuring that all your website redirects are still properly set up after you make a configuration change that could affect them
  • Monitor a TCP port on which your service runs. Get a notification or receive a webhook when it isn't repsonding anymore.

You will find that there are many more scenarios.

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