Monitoring the duration/performance of your jobs

If you would like to additionally monitor how long your jobs are running, you can optionally pass an action parameter to your check-in URL.

Let's say your check-in url is the following:

The easiest way to let calculate the duration of your job is to send an additional request at the start of your job/cron/scheduled task:

And once your job successfully finishes, you can call the check-in URL with the end action:

If you fear that your job runs might overlap, you can optionally send a session identifier which must be the same for the start and end requests.

In this case, a start request could look like the following:

Important notes

The duration is always calculated based on the current and the latest check-in. The latest check-in must therefore have the action start.

If you are working with sessions, the duration is calculated based on the latest check-in with action=start and the same session ID as the current request.

Please note that a check-in with action=start will never change the status of a monitor (e.g. if your monitor is down and you are sending a request with a start action, it will still be considered down until the end request arrives).

Sending a check-in without any action, will be considered an end action.

While overlapping start/end is supported when using sessions, sending an end action will always result in the monitor to be considered up again (independent of if another start action is still waiting to be resolved by an end action).

If you are not seeing the duration of your check-ins, make sure you are on the right plan. Durations are only calculated for accounts using the Hobbyist or higher plans.

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