Job Monitors

What are job monitors and when are they useful?

Jobs monitors listen for ping-backs from you and are helpful for checking if your scheduled tasks and cron jobs are running whenever you expect them to run. Often, these kind of monitors are also referred to as cron monitors or heartbeat monitors.

A common use-case:

  • Monitor that scheduled tasks are actually running when they are supposed to run
    • Example 1
      You have a scheduled job (for example a cron job or a task created via Windows Task Scheduler) that performs backups and you want to get a notifiation when this job did NOT run during the expected interval
    • Of course, this setup also translates to cases where you want to monitor a database cleanup job, observe regular runs of a background service of your application or just generally make sure you get a notification when a server (which might be unreachable from the outside) does not send regular ping-backs.

To do job monitoring you don't need to install any additional software from allgood. The only requirement is the ability to make HTTP requests (for example via curl, wget, Invoke-WebRequest or any HTTP library you might already have in use in your software).

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