Frequently asked questions

How can I notify additional people when a monitor goes down?

In you notification settings you can create and manage groups. When adding members to these groups, you can also add email addresses of people who don't have (and don't need) an account on

Please note that every email address added there must be verified before it can receive notifications.

When are the records of monitor checks/check-ins and events deleted?

Please check the details for your current plan as the retention duration differs depending on the type of subscription you have. Free accounts generally only see the last 10 checks/events.

What user agent does bot use?

Our bot makes requests with the user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; allgoodBot; +

Can I modify the user agent?

While you can add arbitrary HTTP headers to your net monitor checks, we currently do not allow overwriting the user agent.

What are the limitations of the free plan?

The free plan is meant to try out the platform, thus you can create monitors of any type. Being a trial plan, however, you are limited in the amount of active monitors, the check interval times and access to check/event logs. Additionally, some features of the platform might be disabled for free accounts.

How can I upgrade my account to a paid plan?

Currently, is in its beta phase and you are not able to upgrade.

If you have received a subscription voucher for testing, you can redeem it by going to your Account details and then click on Subscription.

Redeem voucher

What happens when I don't renew my paid plan?

When your paid plan is not renewed, your account is downgraded to a free plan. During this process monitors and features not available in the free plan will automatically be disabled or removed. Also note that historic check/event data will be deleted if it contains more entries than available with a free plan.

Can I call a webhook if my service goes down / doesn't check in?

Yes, you can. Under your notification settings you can add a webhook in the same way you would add an email address or team user:

Click on your account to open the account menu

You have the option to send either a GET or a POST request. See the screenshot below for an example on how to post a message to your Slack channel when an event occurs. Of course, you can use any service that accepts webhooks and takes a JSON payload.

Choose "Webhook" as Type

I have a feature request or want to report a bug. How can I contact you?

Please log into your account and then use the support form.

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